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Tipi & Tom learn
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Tipi & Tom Learn 1,500+ Words
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She's a smart, adventurous little girl and the hero of our story. She's a total optimist and isn't afraid of trying new things. Her favorite word is "Why" and this drives her cousin Tom crazy!


He's Tipi's cousin. He's cool and has a great sense of humor. He loves playing soccer, listening to music and wrestling with his best pal Chico. He's loves computers and learning about all kinds of things with "Toca the Tablet."


He's actually very shy and feels like an outsider around people he doesn't know. He's most comfortable with his pal Tom. He enjoys sports - his favorite being "Lucha Libre."

Cha Cha Cha

She's Tipi's best friend and dance partner. Cha Cha Cha lives next door to Tipi's abuelos. Cha Cha Cha is a self proclaimed "Green Princess." One day she hopes to become an environmental scientist.

Abuelo Pancho & Abuela Fina

They're Tipi and Tom's fun-loving grandparents who participate in the kids' adventures. They also provide a connection to their heritage with a heaping bowl of arroz con pollo.

Coquí The Frog

He is happy-go-lucky. He loves nature, animals and especially his best pal Peeps. He's originally from Puerto Rico, but he doesn't speak Spanish very well.


He's Coquí The Frog's best friend. He's from Mexico and has a very thick accent. He considers himself a civilized animal who loves to read, write and sing.

Toca the Talking Tablet

This is Tom's walking and talking tablet. His internet connection allows the kids access to all the world's information which helps them stay out of trouble.

About Us

Deborah Castillero
Founder & CEO

Speaks about her vision to close the word gap.
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Founder´s Accomplishments

  • ​American Greeting's Entertainment partner 2016-2018
  • Unreasonable Institute's early childhood accelerator fellow 2016
  • Facebook Start & Social Good winner & partner 2015, 2106 & 2017
  • SOCAP scholarship winner 2015
  • Microsoft’s Biz Spark winner 2015
  • Women’s Startup Lab graduate 2015
  • Avión ​pre-accelerator​ graduate 2014